Can you go to Canada if you have a DUI?- Facts to know

To screen people, the Canada Border Services Agency uses several databases such as the Canadian Police Information Center. In 2015, border agents got access to these databases containing any DUI conviction.

This allowed them to pass warrants and criminal convictions against people who attempt to enter the country. However, many of you must be thinking that can you go to Canada if you have a DUI? Well, the answer will be given in this article.

What is a DUI?

Driving, operating, or being in control of a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or any other drug to a level that will render the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely is the Driving Under The Influence (DUI) Offence.

This offense does not involve any actual driving. It merely means that being physically “in control” of a car while you are not sober. Even if a person is not driving then also he/she is charged for this offense, If the person is present at the back seat of the car or vehicle in an intoxicated manner.

Laws related to DUI in Canada

The Federal Government of Canada enforces strict guidelines on DUI. This rule differed from the previous practice, after the issue of sentencing.

If a person refuses to blow into a blood alcohol testing device in Canada then the person is liable to get the same penalties as a person who is found guilty of drunk driving. This factor opposes the norms of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test.

If you are ever charged with a drunk driving offense, then you should never conceal the document of conviction. This concealment can ban you from entering Canada for several years. Other passengers will also suffer if you try to conceal your DUI certificate.

The solution to a person having a DUI record

Many people might have this notion that only the record of driving in Canada is important when they try to enter Canada. This is not true. If you have a DUI conviction on your record you cannot enter Canada even if you are traveling through a vehicle or you’re flying into Canada through an airplane.

However, having a DUI certificate does not mean that you will never enter Canada forever. You can enter Canada only if you plan to travel in advance. You need to apply for a temporary resident permit before traveling there if you are having a DUI certificate.

Grant of permission

To help you through the application process, you should have a legal representation guide. You need to gather several legal documents. You also need to give your biometric fingerprints. Also, you can get help throughout the entire application process from the legal team at Basiga law firm.

You have to enter the country within the time granted in your permit. After the time ends, you can visit Canada only after you reapply for any future trips.

Even if you are having any conviction record you can enter Canada only through two means one is the temporary resident permit and the other is the waiver of ineligibility.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

You need to submit a series of documents with your application when you apply for a temporary resident permit. Also, you can submit this application online but you should do all the necessary paperwork. You should also get information for filling the TRP forms.

Copy of marriage license, photographs, verification of a valid passport, and an overview of the reason for your travels are the documents that you need to include in your application.

You may need to submit additional documentation as asked by the visa office handling. As well as some people are also required to provide fingerprints.

Filing for a permit is a very complicated process. If you miss any detail or any supplement document or material, your application will delay. You should seek legal counsel if you are planning a trip since you want to be sure that your approval process is on time, as they will help you to fasten the process.

A person needed to pay 200 Canadian Dollars when applying for a TRP in the past. However, this has changed for every person who is a 2012 individual. It can get a permit to enter the country without paying the TRP fee.

Waiver of Ineligibility

It is a much more complicated process. This process involves people who need several trips into Canada to work or for family reasons. You need to demonstrate Sobriety for a long period. You also need to show a lack of criminality in several background checks. To assist this process you will also require a trained Canadian immigration attorney.

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