I-485 Employment-Based Green Card Processing Time

It is a big step for a foreigner to change its status to a lawful permanent resident of the United States. Getting a green card can be arduous; sometimes, you feel anxious and want to know what happens after applicants file Form I-485, application to become a permanent resident, or adjust status. 

The present I-485 processing time for green cards based on employment is ten months to four years at California Service Center. When you are physically present in the United States, either family-based or employment-based, you can file an I-485 application for a green card. 

The processing time of Form I-485 is significantly based on the application type, USCIS caseload, and your ability to submit an accurately prepared adjustment of the status package. 

How Much Time Will It Take to Receive a Green Card based on Employment?

If an applicant applied for a work permit, usually it will take about eight-fourteen months to receive them after use. Next and the most critical step is that the applicant will have an interview at the local USCIS office. 

Many factors affect the period that it takes for an applicant to have an adjustment of status interview, including what dates and times are available for interviews, the green card category in which the applicant was applying, and the office’s situation then applicant went for an interview.

In most cases, it can take 8-14 months to get an interview scheduled, but the applicant may have to wait more, depending on their situation.

Importance of Employment-based Adjustment of Status

There is a lot of assistance if you’ve got the employment-based adjustment of status phase. Specifically, this is the concluding step before indeed receiving your green card. Unlike other classes, like family-based immigration, which need an interview, you’re usually ready to go once your adjustment of status application is permitted.

Employment-based adjustment of status is the aptitude to file for an EAD. Employment authorized documents consents applicants to work lawfully in the U.S. for a short period (typically a year).

One of the benefits of an employment-based adjustment of status gives you the capability to apply for advance parole instantaneously. Unconventional parole allows you to reenter the U.S. without an immigrant/nonimmigrant visa after wandering overseas. 

This also defends your awaiting AOS application from being considered abandoned. Employment-based adjustment of status is very beneficial since the temporary waiting period for some employment-based green card timelines can last many years.

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Tips to get the Adjustment of Status on time

Ensure to review the interview notice of USCIS for listed documents that the applicant should take to the adjustment of status interview.

There are many things that applicants should prepare, like an exact copy of their immigrant petition and adjustment of status application. The officer of the USCIS office will review all these documents and ask a question if it is necessary. So, answer these questions and explain if necessary.

You must bring the original documents that you submitted copies to USCIS like marriage and bank balance sheets. The passport of you on which nonimmigrant visa is issued to you by which you entered the United States. 

It is essential to understand that getting an Employment-based Green card is complex but worthy. You can also make a case inquiry if you believe that your case is outside the average processing time.

Applicants can also track their application status online with their receipt number. Processing time may be shorter and longer than other types of green applications.

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