Can I Sponsor a Non-Family Member as an Immigrant?

If there is any person who is not a family member, then you cannot request a foreign national visa or Green Card for them. However, there is a way to help you out with this problem. You can sponsor your friend’s immigration finance.

If you become a financial sponsor for your friend’s immigration process, then it will also increase the chances of getting the application approved.

Being a financial sponsor will add value to the application of your friend. By providing Form I-864 with an affidavit of support, you can make a stronger case. Also, this means that you will look after all his finances, from getting employment to financial assistance so that he does not become a public charge.

If you want to know more details about how to do this, keep reading!

Public Charge Rule

Under the Joe Biden administration, the public charge rule has gone through significant changes. In simple words, people who want the government’s financial assistance cannot immigrate to the US.

From a means-tested government assistance program, if your friend ends up receiving benefits after you provide your friend with Form I-864, you will get liable for finance even a civil lawsuit can require you to repay his finance with the government.

Until your friend becomes a US citizen, his sponsorship will be liable to you through Naturalisation or until they will pay for you into social security for at least 10 years. It is a huge commitment and you need to take it seriously.

There are a lot of processes involved to sponsor a non-family member. If your friend becomes a public charge then only you will be liable for your friend’s personal debt like credit cards on medical bills.

Public charge benefits that immigrants cannot use

  • Medical aid.
  • Security Income for Supplement.
  • Health Insurance Program for State Child.
  • Food stamps.
  • For needy families, they provide temporary assistance.

You will be directly financially liable if your friend takes benefits from any of the above-mentioned public benefits.

Public charge benefits allowed for immigrants

  • Emergency Medical Aid.
  • Programs for Head start.
  • Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, some Means-tested programs.
  • Partnership Act programs for job training.
  • None cash short-term emergency relief.
  • For treating infectious diseases, immunization programs.
  • Under the social security act, some kind of foster care or adoption assistance.
  • Under Higher Education Act and Public Health Service Act, student assistant programs.
  • National school lunch and Child Nutrition Act provided some services.

You must meet the requirement of being an eligible sponsor by showing the evidence before you become a financial sponsor for your friend. At the U.S. poverty level, your household income must be more than 25% of your household size.

The United States citizenship and immigration service provide the guidelines in the following ways:

  • The minimum income required must be 20575 dollars for a household of two.
  • A house of three requires a minimum income of 25975 dollars.
  • A minimum income of 31375 dollars is required by a household of 4.
  • A minimum income of 36775 dollars is needed if you have a household of five.
  • The minimum income required if you have a household of 6 42175 dollars.
  • If you have a household of 7 then the minimum income required must be $4757.
  • A household of 8 must have a minimum income of 52975 dollars.

You, your dependent relatives that may be living with you, and the friend whom you want to sponsor must include in your household. There is a little extra leave for active duty in the US armed forces.

Filling Form I-864

You must sign the form in the presence of a notary after you have filled the Form I-864 and it’s all sections. Also, you need to get a copy of your affidavit and carry the most recent form with the federal income tax return, which needs to get include in your form. This provides proof of your employment and verifies your annual income.

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